Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Sometimes your head is so full of competing thoughts and you’re aching to figure out what is true. Your heart is telling you, but it can be very difficult to decipher its gentle wisdom from the din of habituated fear and anxiety. It can be difficult to rise up out of depression to see clearly. Quite simply, it can be hard to be human. Whether in crisis, or just struggling through the daily haze of everyday living, let me be your guide.

My whole life, I have felt that I could hear the truth of other’s hearts, whether or not they were speaking those truths with their mouths. In a quiet room, I heard what everyone wasn’t saying. It got me into a lot of trouble. I was shocked at an early age to learn that others weren’t necessarily ready or willing to face, let alone speak their truth. I started to understand that people hide, and it has taken me years to gather information to understand better why we hide. I have a lot of compassion for that need to hide now. But after years of my own hiding, the pain became too great. It broke me down and forced me back out. Pain and trauma helped me reconnect with my ability to feel my way to knowing. And surviving it all gave me the confidence to start trusting my gifts again. 

I would like to help you uncover the truth of your heart, help you learn to listen better, more closely. Help you clear out the clutter of all the other voices and messages that can make it so hard to know what is longing to be heard. Those who are ready, sit with me, I am here to hear your heart. Let me help you rediscover what you already know but pain and fear has buried. Let me be the shovel that digs you out. 

Please know, the work is yours. I am not your savior, but I will support you as you save yourself. I do not hold The Secrets to The Universe, or have all the answers, but I do have a deep relationship with the questions. I can lead you into your heartspace, taking you as far as you are willing to go. I will walk with you, I will guide you into your own knowing. I will help you learn to trust yourself again.

If you are wanting to live in that space, if you are ready to ask the questions, if you would like support and understanding and insight through that process, let us begin. 

To book a 1-hour Empathic Heart Session for $120, or a 6 Session Series for $600, please email me (

I look forward to hearing your heart.