Sometimes if a person sees right into the heart of who you are, it can release the grief you've been unable to acknowledge yourself. It is like a pinprick in your heart that releases a flood of tears, because you know that what's been reflected is true—and that you have been waiting to hear this truth for a long time.  —Toko-pa Turner

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Sometimes your head is so full of competing thoughts and you’re aching to figure out what is true. Your body is telling you, but it can be very difficult to decipher its gentle wisdom from the din of habituated fear and anxiety. It can be difficult to rise up out of depression to see clearly. Quite simply, it can be hard being human. Whether in crisis, or just struggling through the daily haze of everyday living, let me be your guide back to yourself.

I would like to help you uncover the truth of your heart. Help you learn to listen better to your body and all the wisdom it holds. Help you clear out the clutter of all the other voices and messages that can make it so hard to know what is longing to be heard. In shared safe and sacred space, we will dive into the riches, buried, waiting to be seen. Waiting to be released from their forgotten cage. Waiting for you, to return to the home of your self. 

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