Sometimes if a person sees right into the heart of who you are, it can release the grief you've been unable to acknowledge yourself. It is like a pinprick in your heart that releases a flood of tears, because you know that what's been reflected is true—and that you have been waiting to hear this truth for a long time.  —Toko-pa Turner

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Sometimes your head is so full of competing thoughts and you’re aching to figure out what is true. Your body is telling you, but it can be very difficult to decipher its gentle wisdom from the din of habituated fear and anxiety. It can be difficult to rise up out of depression to see clearly. Quite simply, it can be hard being human. Whether in crisis, or just struggling through the daily haze of everyday living, let me be your guide back to yourself.

I would like to help you uncover the truth of your heart. Help you learn to listen better to your body and all the wisdom it holds. Help you clear out the clutter of all the other voices and messages that can make it so hard to know what is longing to be heard. In shared, safe, and sacred space, we will dive into the riches, buried, waiting to be seen. Waiting to be released from their forgotten cage. Waiting for you, to return to the home of your self. 

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“As a Doula, I am a strong believer in the power of healing through connection and shared experiences, and I discovered she was offering personal counseling sessions right as I was going through an extremely painful time in my life. Bethany offered me something I was unable to obtain with my therapist, friends or family. I felt instantly seen and heard, but remarkably, what she gave me was the gift to see and hear myself. There were times when hearing her voice in the first few moments, I would start to feel a joyful sadness knowing what a safe space she held for me. It is so hard to put healing into words, so if I had to sum up my experience to the simplest terms I would say Bethany held me. She held me, in all my forms, at a time where it was too much for me to carry myself. I will always feel a deep gratitude and love for this woman and her enormous boundless heart.”

My heart softens when I think about our talks, when I think about getting raw & emotional and really digging deep to the root of what causes my emotional chaos. Bethany has been an inspiration, a mentor, a motivator and a really damn good friend. I feel incredibly lucky to have found such a tender healer, who is real & open and is on this journey, just like the rest of us. I’m very much look forward to the next session because I know I’ve got a strong supporter waiting for me!” 

“Working with Bethany is one of the most important things I have done for my spirit. Our work together has provided me the language to comprehend and clarify deep inner movements. This language is powerful. Now, when I say I feel something, I mean I ~feel~ it. Not that I think it, or think about feeling it. In this time I have felt heard and held. I have found myself growing, kinder, and more expansive.  I feel I am expanding inwards, reaching far flung corners of my internal world, and also expanding externally, as I interact with the outer one, feeling more solid and whole. And importantly, with this work, I have felt less alone. I cannot emphasise enough how powerful that is. Whenever Bethany and I talk, I feel the distance between myself and the rest of the world taper, and I realise I am standing with others. Hardly alone! I feel more grounded. More human. In fact, more myself even. Many times during and after our sessions, I feel enormous internal shifts. These movements are not easy, but they feel important and good. Basically this work is life enriching and heart filling!”  

“In my last healing session, Bethany helped me feel my heart. through her intuitive conversation and sweet meditation. For the first time in months, I was held in a space in which I could locate and connect to that tender organ in my chest. With her, I gently peeled the guarding layers away, and was able to just sit with my chill, wise heart. It was incredibly special and nourishing to have that experience made possible, and over the phone!”

“Working with Bethany is like a journey deeply into your own truth. She holds up the sacred mirror of intuition, accountability, and devotion in a way that is subtle and life changing. Her heart is her tool, her words seemed to hit on the next clues and steps for me. Forever grateful!”