we don't know until we try

sometimes you need to just go and do the damn thing. maybe you don't have enough money. maybe you're not prepared. maybe you will be short on resources. but fuck it. go. do that thing that's been bouncing in the back of your brain, making it hard to focus on what's at hand. your hands are nimble and want to be filled. fill them. put tools in them. if you don't have tools, build them. carve things out of trees. fashion things out of stone. the thing about putting yourself in the eye of the storm is you no longer have a choice, fight for your life, or die. in the middle of an impetuous sea, you will find a way to shore. we want to live. put yourself in a position where your life is threatened, and you will be made immediately aware of this. the determination to wake to another day. the desire of the heart to keep beating. hold your breath and your lungs burn with the will to keep breathing.

I just had the privilege of being a part of a big leap of faith. hands held, we all jumped! a group of talented and curious people searching for something to fill their hunger, decided it was time to be their own source of nourishment. when there is no food, you have to go hunting. so that's what we did. we had an idea and we actually did something with it. it is an honor to see that when it happens, no matter what the outcome. so many things burst and fade within the walls of our skulls. the courage to take those sparks and build a fire and sit in that burning, to be consumed by the flames -- it is truly a beautiful thing to see. we all came with our own reasons, our own struggles and expectations, and we all left changed. knowing you can do it, that's what we are hoping to learn. we over complicate it, like most things. but really I think it's that simple, we want to know that we can do it. we waste so much time wondering. we don't know until we try.

so here's to making shit. in this case, a movie shot in arkansas. one giant group hug of an effort. I will keep you posted on its progress...