makin' stuff

I am making something. granted, we make something(s) everyday - messes, meals, mistakes, amends - all sorts of things get made in the process of living. and hooray for us! the simple act of rising out of bed each morning is a victory in and of itself. all that said, the nature of the "making" I am here to tell you about is something a bit more exciting and special than my usual daily makings.

a couple of days before I turned 33, I had a panic attack. the ceiling crumbled and the walls started marching towards each other. if you've never felt the unique and profound earthquake of a panic attack, then perhaps you don't know how absolutely convincing it can be in the moment that your world is collapsing (just me?). it's an intense moment where you are sandwiched between wanting so fully to live while feeling like you might not make it through the night. that night, amidst the chaos, I was desperately searching for something, anything, to grab onto to pull me through the abyss. and somehow, though I can't remember exactly how, I stumbled upon an old piece of short fiction I had written a few years back:

(click here if you'd like to read the piece)

I read it that night and thought, "hey, this is pretty good." I felt a rare satisfaction for all the small things I had accomplished - the stories written and never shared. and then I thought, "I want to share this one." and then in a flash a set came into view and the colors and details rushed in filling my brain. I forgot all about the panic and instead become very excited and focused on getting it all down...

and here we are, almost two months later. I've been lucky enough to bring together a bright and talented group of people willing to collaborate on realizing this vision. I'm excited and scared and overwhelmed and determined - all those feelings that come with actually doing the things you've talked about and imagined doing.

and this, my dear human reading this, is where you come in. it would mean so much if you could help us with this project. whether that means chipping in 5 bucks or 500, or simply sharing this link with anyone you think might be interested in supporting such an endeavor. kind thoughts or words are also greatly appreciated and felt. please take the time to visit our kickstarter page, we worked hard on a little stop motion video depicting a scene from the piece. enjoy :)